Jekyll + Heroku + Unicorn = Blazing fast blogging

Deploy your Jekyll site on Heroku with 6 workers ready to take on your massive traffic without first having to generate the Jekyll site locally and there's no need for a third-party buildpack. And the best of all, it runs on a single and free Heroku Dyno.


I have previously used jekyll --serverin my Procfile on Heroku which in turn generated the jekyll site and booted up a webrick server. But I wanted to run my site with Unicorn and it's support for multiple workers on a single Dyno. And to do so my Jekyll site must be a Rack app.

Rack-Jekyll to the rescue! It was exactly what I was looking for, it turned a Jekyll site into a Rack app. I had some issues with it on Heroku and made a pull request with the fixes. At this moment it has been merge with the master but there is not a new version released of the gem.

Jekyll + Unicorn + Heroku

Jekyll-Heroku-Unicorn is a sample app of a simple Jykyll site with 6 Unicorn workers ready to be deployed to a free Heroku Dyno:

  1. git clone [email protected]:himynameisjonas/jekyll-heroku-unicorn.git
  2. cd jekyll-heroku-unicorn and run bundle install
  3. heroku create followed of git push heroku master
  4. heroku open and you're done!